General dentistry

General dentistry is an important part of your long term dental health, as it allows early detection of tooth decay and gum disease. We recommend visiting us every six months for a thorough examination and clean, at which time we will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums.

We will also provide you with guidance on how to look after your teeth between visits. This is an important part of maintaining your oral health. We look forward to providing you with the best care and treatment options.


Crowns are a type of dental restoration that are cemented permanently into place and completely cover the surface of the tooth. Crowns help to strengthen and restore the tooth to its original shape and function.

Crowns can be made of porcelain, which is tooth- coloured in appearance or they can be made of metal or a combination of both. The tooth- coloured porcelain can be colour matched to your adjacent teeth making this type of crown more aesthetically pleasing.

Crowns are prepared over two visits, the first visit is to prepare the tooth, take an impression and place a temporary crown. The impressions are then sent to the laboratory for a custom-made crown to be prepared. The second visit is three weeks later where the crown is cemented permanently.

Crowns may be considered for the following reasons:

  • To restore a tooth to its original shape, when it has become badly broken.
  • To strengthen a weakened tooth due to large fillings or root canal treatment.
  • To improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth.
  • To cover an implant


Porcelain veneers are a popular restorative treatment to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers can be used to repair teeth that are chipped, discoloured and in some cases misaligned, to help create a beautiful smile.

Veneers are crafted from fine pieces of porcelain and bonded to the teeth. They are strong and durable. The preparation for veneers involves a minimal amount of tooth enamel being removed, in preparation for the porcelain. The porcelain is shaped to fit over the prepared teeth and a colour is chosen that best suits your smile.
Veneers are prepared over two separate appointments. The first appointment is to prepare the teeth along with temporary restorations, with a gap between appointments of three weeks for our dental laboratory to prepare the porcelain veneer to the shape and colour chosen. The second appointment is to cement the porcelain veneer in place.


Teeth naturally discolour over time and with age. Discolouration may also occur due to exposure to tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and certain foods, childhood illnesses, medications and physical trauma.

The most effective way to whiten and brighten your smile is teeth whitening. Our Dentists have reviewed many of the new in-house whitening systems over recent years and still find that the take-home whitening kits offer the best results, as well as being the most cost effective way to whiten your teeth.

We currently have two take-home options available Day White Kits, which can be used during the day for a short period of time or the Night White Kits which are worn overnight.

Whitening can:

  • enhance your smile making it appear whiter and brighter
  • improve your appearance and boost your confidence
  • be considered at any age and is safe and long lasting

For further information please speak to your dentist, who will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.


Dental implants are the most successful method currently used in dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are composed of titanium which replaces the root portion of the tooth and a porcelain crown is used to replace the upper crown portion of the tooth. This method of tooth replacement gives a permanent and lasting result.

At Fabdental we are committed to providing our patients with the most up-to-date technology and treatments available. Our dental professionals refer patients requiring dental implants to a specialist for the placement of the implant and then the patient returns to us for the placement of the crown portion of the implant.

The benefits of implants include:

  • improved appearance
  • the surrounding healthy teeth are not compromised
  • it restores your smile to its natural appearance and biting strength
  • long lasting results


Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of your teeth, the correction, prevention and irregularities of the teeth, bite and jaw.

The benefits of Orthodontic treatment:

  • improves the appearance of your smile giving you more confidence.
  • improves your chewing and biting ability.
  • makes cleaning and care of your teeth easier.

We currently have several methods of treatment for patients requiring Orthodontic work. Braces, plates and Invisalign are all available and a consultation can be booked to discuss which option suits you best.

Restorative dentistry


Tooth coloured fillings enable you to maintain a beautiful white smile while retaining the function and integrity of a tooth after decay. No longer is it necessary to use Amalgam filling in dental treatment. Tooth coloured fillings make your teeth appear whiter, brighter and healthier than ever before. Tooth coloured fillings are prepared and placed in one visit.


Inlays and onlays are another option to conventional fillings and are used to repair the damage to a tooth's biting surface, rather than using a simple filling or crown. Inlays or onlays can be made of porcelain, gold or composite or ceramic resin. An inlay is similar to a filling, they are custom-made to fit the prepared tooth and are cemented into place and can be applied over two dental visits. The first visit is to prepare the cavity, take an impression and then forward the impression the laboratory to prepare the custom-made inlay/onlay, a temporary inlay/onlay is then placed. During the second visit, the custom-made inlay/onlay is permanently cemented.

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